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Privacy policy


Ladyloquita S.C.P. (Hereinafter Ladyloquita) offers to their users the following information about their contents.

All users that freely accessing Ladyloquita, known the following terms of use and privacy.

Privacy Policy

On some pages of Ladyloquita some user’s personal data is requested, name, e-mail, etc., to serve in the best way possible queries and complaints, which are directed to this website as well as fill in questionnaires, surveys, etc., or subscription to services like newsletters.

In any case Ladyloquita will provide that personal information of their users to third parties without their autorization. Ladyloquita guarantees confidentiality in the processing of the personal data requested via the web, as well as implementing the necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security of the data.

During the navigation as in other websites the users leaves a “virtual identity”, the IP address, that has been assigned by their Access Provider.

The records of the IP address is used for internal purposes only, such as website statistics. The IP always varies between users and connections, which can not be deduced important information about their users with that address registration.

Accessing Ladyloquita

The user’s access to Ladyloquita not imply any obligation from Ladyloquita.

Ladyloquita won’t be liable for any malfunction, data loss, or software anomalies that occurs on computers during the visit to Ladyloquita web.

As a company, Ladyloquita reserves all the rights to suspend, cancel or edit the access to all, or parts of this site, without notice or justification, also reserves the right to change the type of access to the website.

Ladyloquita contents

The site is implemented in three languages: Spanish / Catalan / English. Ladyloquita won’t be responsible by the user’s not understanding or compression.

Ladyloquita has the copyright of all the contents listed on this website, except for a few exceptions such as, logos or graphic images related to the brands that Ladyloquita houses, or press public appareances.

The use of Ladyloquita website is particular, any use involving copying, reproduction, distribution or transformation of its contents without notifying Ladyloquita or other holders of intellectual property rights is prohibited.

The contents of Ladyloquita won’t be used to make self-promotion, sales, or in any case contracts of third parties without prior authorization from Ladyloquita.

The use of all Ladyloquita’s content or brand design is completely banned to disclose business or personal advertising unrelated to Ladyloquita.

All links pointing to this site may not display false, defamatory or confusing information about Ladyloquita, having to notify Ladyloquita before posting any link pointing to the site.

Ladyloquita sometimes may contain links to other websites, Ladyloquita won’t be responsible, for the type of content that can be found on these sites and the manner of representing that. Ladyloquita neither won’t be responsible for any data loss or failure caused by viruses or spyware induced by visiting these websites.